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Electricity Saving Tips


 Tips for saving electricity

  1. Install a timer switch to your geyser. It is not expensive and it genuinely saves money on your electricity bill every month.
  2. Change your light bulbs to LED light bulbs. It initially costs a little more but will last longer and save electricity in the long run.
  3. Switch off appliances that you don’t use at the plug, not just on the appliance switch.
  4. Set your geyser at a lower temperature during summer.
  5. Appliances with elements use the most power in your household. These include heaters, oven, hairdryers, kettles, toasters and microwave ovens. Rather use more blankets in winter than heaters.
  6. Tumble dryers and dishwashers also use a great deal of electricity. Rather hang washing out to dry and only switch on these appliances when you have a full load.


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